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About the shared research center
"Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Centre"

The shared research center (SRC) "Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Centre" (SSTRC) specializes in basic and applied research associated with the use of synchrotron and terahertz radiation, development and making of pilot apparatus and equipment for such work, and development and creation of specialized sources of synchrotron and terahertz radiation.

The Center was created based on the laboratories of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS (BINP SB RAS) and has the status of an open laboratory, the activity of which may involve Russian and foreign organizations and individuals.

The Centre bases its activity on the major electrophysical installations of BINP: electron/positron storage rings VEPP-3 and VEPP-4M, serving as sources of synchrotron radiation (SR), and Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser (FEL), a source of terahertz radiation (TR).

Structurally, the SRC "Siberian Center for Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation" consists of two Centers: "Siberian Center for Synchrotron Radiation" and "Siberian Center for Photochemical Research and Technology". These centers are located in different buildings of BINP SB RAS.

There are now only two SR centers in Russia: SSTRC at BINP SB RAS (Novosibirsk) and Kurchatov Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIAE (Moscow).

The SRC supplies its specialized services to tens of Russian and foreign organizations under the Federal Program "Research and development on priority directions of the scientific-technological complex of Russia in 2007-2012", other federal departmental target programs, research programs of RAS and other academies of national status, and various grants as well as in accordance with thematic plans of organizations with federal funding and under commercial contracts.

The experimental base and proven methods of measurement available at the SRC allow conduction of research and development in the following priority areas of science, technology and engineering of the Russian Federation: the industry of nanosystems and materials, living systems, ecology and environmental management, energy and energy efficiency, information and telecommunication systems, advanced weapons, and military and special equipment.

Annually, tens of students and graduates are involved in the activity of the Center, and works carried out at the Center result in tens of papers published in authorative Russian and international titles.

The Center regularly organizes and conducts Russian and international conferences, seminars, and schools on the generation and application of synchrotron and terahertz radaition. Members of the SRC are regular participants in various Russian and international conferences and seminars.

The main working body of the SRC is the Research Coordination Council ("Round Table"), which meets weekly. The Council consists of the leading members of the SRC from BINP SB RAS and other user institutions. Students and graduates are also invited to the Council meetings. The Council hears results of research and status of work and defines short- and long-term plans of work and research.

The SRC "Siberian Center for Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation" is headed by full member of RAS professor Gennady Kulipanov.

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