International Symposium
"Terahertz Radiation: generation and application"
joined with Scientific School-Workshop

26 July - 1 August 2010, Budker INP, Novosibirsk

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Conference photo

Фотографии с конференции доступны по данной ссылке. Общее количество - более 250 штук :) Enjoy!

Symposium programme
Final version of Symposium programme here.
Last Conference Announcement
Last Conference announcement about Conference venue, registration, conference language and proceedings, hotel accommodation, useful tips during the Conference you can found here (MS Word) or here (Adobe Acrobat).
Instruction for presentations
June, 30.
Here is the instruction for oral presentation preparation and poster instructions.
Hotel booking, proceedings, Altaj trip
June, 30.
If you have not confirmed your participation in the Symposium and necessity of booking a hotel, the Organizing Committee asks you to do it promptly by reply to correspondence address. We ask to name a room class: usual 1-bed room (semi-luxury), or luxury double room. The special reduced price range in the "Golden valley" hotel for Symposium participants is 1000 to 2500 roubles a day, depending on the room class. Please do NOT book the hotel by yourself directly - in this case you will pay the full price! Just to say us your wishes to participate!

Please find the files containing guidelines on preparing your papers for proceedings: Guidelines and Template.

Altay trip. The Organizing Committee reduced the tour cost for participants to 350 euro. This sum should be paid by cash during the registration. The tour cost is not included in the Registration fee and should be paid independently. Please join us for the tour! Trip description in English and in Russian.

For Russian participants
К сожалению, авиакомпании не дают на лето скидки более 3-5%, к тому же многие участники уже купили билеты, поэтому Огркомитет информирует, что КОЛЛЕКТИВНЫЙ БИЛЕТ оформляться НЕ БУДЕТ, и рекомендует приобретать билеты самостоятельно.
Оргвзнос для студентов и аспирантов снижен до 1500 рублей.

Conference fee
June, 24. Conference fee 350 Euro (or equivalent in USD or Russian Rubles) should be paid by cash during the registration. For Russian participants - здесь инструкция.
Information on Symposium publications
Information on Symposium publications in English here, as well as in Russian - здесь по русски.
ВНИМАНИЕ! Инструкция для подготовки трехстраничных статей для Вестника НГУ - по ссылке.
Symposium Programme
1st draft of the Symposium Programme (oral and posters) can be found here (MS Word format, 300 kb).
Please note that the small correction can be done later!
1st announcement
1st announcement in English (HTML), as well in PDF: English (PDF, 78kb) and in Russian (PDF, 160kb)
On-line Registration form for the new Seminar participants here.
List of the registered participants here.
Deadlines (changed!)
The 1st announcement and the call for abstract submission - 25 February
The 2nd announcement detailing the Symposium format - 12 March
Abstracts submission and registration - 10 May
The 3rd announcement - 15 May
Three-page paper submission - 31 May
Hotel reservation confirmation - 1 July
Important Links
Russian VISA. If you need the visa to enter Russia - please click here.
RUS: Гостиница. Номерной фонд и цены на гостиницу "Золотая Долина".
Seminar Secretary:
tel. +7(383) 329-40-69
fax +7 (383) 330-71-63

Dr. Maksim V. KUZIN,
tel (383) 329-41-67
fax (383) 330-71-63
Budker INP,
Lavrentiev av. 11,
Novosibirsk 630090 Russia