International Symposium
"Terahertz Radiation: generation and application"
joined with Scientific School-Workshop

26 - 28 July 2010, Budker INP, Novosibirsk

Oral Presentations
All oral presentations (invited and contributed) will be given during plenary sessions in the main Budker INP Conference hall (3rd floor main building).

General Considerations

Your presentation is handled by a dedicated stand-alone computer running Windows XP, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and Quicktime. There is NO WAY to attach your own equipment, switch operating systems, use specific or proprietary software.

You can show transparencies on the standart overhead in parallel with computer presentation.

Preparing your Talk

Portability. Please prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. Use only TrueType fonts and embed them (Click Embed True Type Fonts on the Save tab of the Tools->Options... screen before your final document Save). Ultimately your presentation has to be opened on a stand-alone Windows XP system optimized for the variety of attached hardware and not for the latest and most complete software suite.

Resolution. On the projector less than 1024x768 pixel and less than 24bit color depth (16M colors) are usable for your presentation. Please make sure that the details you want to present show up on YOUR screen set to 1024x768 (or even safer to 800x600) pixels.

External Materials. Your presentation has to be largely self-contained: you will have no Context Menu, no access to Explorer level, no Internet connection. If you want to show a movie it has to be addressed from inside the presentation.

Animations. It is foreseen to convert all presentations to PDF before they are made accessible to the audience. Please keep in mind that subsequent animations are mapped on top of each other during the single slide to single page PDF conversion process - possibly obscuring important content.

Submitting your Talk

You can upload your presentation on the conference computer during the registration or durign the coffee break.

Contact and Assistance

Questions or assistance should be addressed to the local organizers in Conference hall or in Orginizing Committee. We will help you but note that our Mac and Linux resources are quite limited.

Post conference - Proceedings

It is foreseen to include all presentations converted to PDF into the Conference web site. Please let us know if you have personal objections or lab policy constraints.