International Symposium
"Terahertz Radiation: generation and application"
joined with Scientific School-Workshop

26 July - 1 August 2010, Budker INP, Novosibirsk

Russian visa
If you are not a Russian citizen you have to apply for visa to visit Russia. For this purpose you should prepare the following documents as soon as possible:

1. Filled-out questionnaire (MS Word DOC file, 57 kbytes) (or Adobe PDF file, 16 kbytes).
If you are planning to participate in the conference with your spouse you have to fill out a separate questionnaire for the spouse.
Please send the filled-out questionnaire by e-mail to the conference secretary.

2. A copy of the first double-page of your passport.
Please send this copy by e-mail to the conference secretary as a scanned bit-map file (JPG, TIF, etc.), or by fax +7 (383) 330-7163 with comments "To THz Seminar Organizing Committee".

After receiving your files we will prepare special documents and pass them to the special department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. After positive decision we will receive the official invitation letter and send it to you by DHL express mail at the work address mentioned in the filled questionnaire. Please note that this process takes about 4 weeks and Organizing Committee asks you to send us the files as soon as possible.


  If you already have the Russian VISA - please, let us know. Thanks!


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